Sam Rockwell Naked in Lawn Dogs

Sam Rockwell has one of the sweeter asses in Hollywood these days. It is incredibly tight and delicious. Rockwell is keeping himself busy on the big screen. He has 6 different movies in various stages of production so I can’t wait to check them out. Nudity? Maybe! See more of Rockwell Naked at Male Celebs Blog.

Naked Sam Rockwell @ Male Celebs Blog

Dan Gauthier’s Bare Naked Ass

Dan Gauthier has a fantastic ass that is definitely one to grab on to and giddy-up. This scene is shot from Illegal in Blue. Definitely one to put on Netflix que! See more of Gauthier at Actors Exposed.

Naked Dan Gauthier @ Actors Exposed

Johnny Whitworth Bulging at the Seams

Johnny Whitworth is unbelievably hot and check out his incredible bulge. Whitworth has been acting since the early 2000s and hasn’t really grasped the attention he deserves – he deserves a lot of it. To see Whitworth’s smooth ass go to Male Celebs Blog.

Naked Johnny Whitworth @ Male Celebs Blog