Dan Gauthier’s Bare Naked Ass

Dan Gauthier has a fantastic ass that is definitely one to grab on to and giddy-up. This scene is shot from Illegal in Blue. Definitely one to put on Netflix que! See more of Gauthier at Actors Exposed.

Naked Dan Gauthier @ Actors Exposed

Robin Dunne and His Great Abs

If he would have just grabbed his shorts we would have at least seen a pub shot! Robin Dunne is super cute and he has made his way around Hollywood in a rather unique way. He just keeps doing straight to DVD movies so people haven’t been able to get a look at this hot piece of meat. Well, we are trying to bring attention to him! So is Actors Exposed where you can see him bulging just a touch.

Shirtless Robin Dunne @ Actors Exposed

Thierre Di Castro Nude in Shameless

Shameless is back with all of its crazy story lines. Thierre Di Castro made a few guest appearances and it was great seeing such a Brazlian hottie on the show. Well… if you haven’t seen the premiere, when you do, you will be as disappointed as I was.! See More of Thierre Di Castro at Naked Actors.

Nude Thierre Di Castro @ Naked Actors