Arinze Kene Featured Shirtless on Black Celebs Exposed


Arinze Kene Featured Shirtless on Black Celebs Exposed

Arinze Kene has a body that appears to be chiseled for marble. The detail to every part of his form is amazing. To see more of his upper body check him out at Black Celebs Exposed. To see his acting skills watch him and a whole group of other sexy guys on the new show Our Girl.

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Arinze Kene Featured Shirtless on Black Celebs Exposed

Jamie Foxx Nude on Male Celeb Videos


Jamie Foxx Nude on Male Celeb Videos

Love Jamie Foxx?  Definitely check this video out of him naked on Male Celeb Videos! The clip is taken from Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story. A new must see for me.

If you like Jamie as much as I do, check him out, alongside Jason Bateman, in the new film Horrible Bosses 2.

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Jamie Foxx Nude on Male Celeb Videos

Conrad Pla Makes a Guest Appearance on XIII

Conrad Pla appears to have abs of steel and looking at him in bed does something to me down there! Pla seems to have only been able to jump around from show to show making guest appearances. It’s a shame because he is so fine! One of these days a show will stick. I just know it! He recently appeared in XIII. Also check out more at Men of TV.

Todd Williams Shirtless in The Vampire Diaries

For some reason we don’t see many black guys shirtless on TV.So when we do, it is a real treat. Todd Williams took his shirt of and recently showed his sexy chest on The Vampire Diaries. For more hot pictures of him go to Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Todd Williams @ Actors Exposed

Great Shirtless Shot of Todd Williams

I am totally hung up on Todd Williams! Who is he hung up on? Well, he went shirtless on the show The Vampire Diaries recently. The show gets the guys shirtless all the time, making the show worthy of checking out! Williams is only playing a guest role on the show. We hope we get more of him!

Shirtless Todd Williams @ Men of TV

Shirtless Lance Reddick in Won’t Back Down,

Lance Reddick is a great looking black man and we love it when sites post them for us. Reddick is in the new film Won’t Back Down. Hopefully it is a good film. If not, there is always the scenes with him in them! See him Naked at Male Celeb Scandals.

Shirtless Lance Reddick @ Male Celeb Scandals

Shirtless Terrence J to be in Sparkle

ShirtlessTerrence J is one fine Twink. Twinks can really get you going! Check Terrence J out in the new film Sparkle. Although he isn’t playing a large part, we still get to see him on the big screen. Also, check out more great pics at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Terrence J @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Cress Williams from Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Cress Williams has tattoos that turn me on! I’d love to outline with my tongue! Williams is currently in the show Hart of Dixie which should be returning this fall. Check out another pic of him at Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Cress Williams @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Terrence J to be in Sparkle

Shirtless Terrence J is being featured on Actors Exposed and is one of the hottest Twinks around. He is going to be in the new film Sparkle. Hopefully this movie will lead to a whole slew of work!

Shirtless Terrence J @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Amin Joseph from The Expenables

Check out the incredible abs on Shirtless Amin Joseph. He knows how to attract the eye! Joseph was recently in the movie The Expendables making it well worth checking it out. See more of him at Black Celebs Exposed!

Shirtless Amin Joseph @ Black Celebs Exposed

Friend’s & Lovers’ Terrell Carter Shirtless

We got the idea of coming up with a blazin’ hot picture Shirtless Terrell Carter from Black Celebs Exposed. They pick the hottest of the hot Black Male Actors to put on their site!

Shirtless Terrell Carter @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Male Soap Hunk Kevin Mambo

Kevin Mambo is teasing us with this incredible Shirtless picture. I would love to see him nude, bet you would too! See more of this Black Male Soap Hunk at Black Celebs Exposed!

Shirtless Kevin Mambo @ Black Celebs Exposed

Mehcad Brooks Shirtless in Necessary Roughness

Shirtless Mehcad Brooks is one of the hottest Black Male Actors around. He is in the show Necessary Roughness so lovers of him and his body can tune in weekly. See more of Brooks at Men of TV!

Shirtless Mehcad Brooks @ Men of TV

Shirtless Idris Elba to be in Prometheus

Shirtless Idris Elba is one of our favorite, sizzlin’ hot black male actors. Elba has done a lot of work on both film and TV. Watch for him in the new film Prometheus. Also see more sexy, shirtless pics of Elba at Men of Movies!

Shirtless Idris Elba  @ Men of Movies

Chocolate Skinned Peter Mensah Shirtless

Shirtless Peter Mensah is on Black Celebs Exposed this week, seemingly to entice us in to watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. It’s a violet show but they show a ton of skin on it.

Shirtless Peter Mensah @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless James Lesure to be in Men at Work

Shirtless James Lesure looks awesome in this casual pictures with friends. Wouldn’t you like to see him naked? I would! Watch for Lesure in the new show Men at Work. See more of him and you other favorite Male TV Stars and Men of TV.

Shirtless James Lesure @ Men of TV

Meet the Browns’ Lamman Rucker Shirtless

Imagine your world with Shirtless Lamman Rucker in it! Rucker has been around the scene appearing in a lot of TV. He is currently on the show Meet the Browns as Dr. Will Brown. He will also be in the upcoming film The Under Shepherd. See more of Lamman Rucker at Black Celebs Exposed.


Soap Hunk Charles Divins Shirtless

Shirtless Charles Divins has a creamy smooth body that I could do unimaginable thing to! Divins is being featured on Actors Exposed as one of the hottest Soap Hunks around.

Shirtless Charles Divins @ Actors Exposed

Bow Wow Again and Again

We will never get enough of Shirtless Bow Wow. That is why we were thrilled to see that Black Celebs Exposed posted yet another awesome picture of him on stage. Enjoy… we are.

Shirtless Bow Wow @ Black Celebs Exposed