Johnny Flynn Featured Nude on Actors Exposed


Johnny Flynn Featured Nude on Actors Exposed

Johnny Flynn has an ass that the British should be very very proud of! He is also really cute! How sexy is the tiny tuft of hair on his chest and his little brown nipples?! If you like this ass picture check out another great one at Actors Exposed!

If you are in the UK check out his new show Scrotal Recall. Based on the title, I am thinking there may be some great scenes. For those of us that don’t get the show, we can only watch out for the pics!

Check out tons of naked male celebs here!

Johnny Flynn Featured Nude on Actors Exposed

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Thierre Di Castro Nude in Shameless

Shameless is back with all of its crazy story lines. Thierre Di Castro made a few guest appearances and it was great seeing such a Brazlian hottie on the show. Well… if you haven’t seen the premiere, when you do, you will be as disappointed as I was.! See More of Thierre Di Castro at Naked Actors.

Nude Thierre Di Castro @ Naked Actors

Daniel Craig Naked in Flashbacks of a Fool

style=”text-align: center;”>I don’t know about you but to me it looks like Daniel Craig has something very impressive between his legs! We can squint our eyes and really pretend! Craig has no problem taking his clothes off and show his great ass. See more at Naked Actors! Also, watch for him in the upcoming film Skyfall.

Daniel Craig @ Naked Actors

Naked Jérémie Renier in The Distance

We were introduced to Nude Jérémie Renier at Actors Exposed. He has a fantastic cock that is incredibly hung!

Naked Jérémie Renier @ Actors Exposed


Russell Tovey Naked in Being Human

Actors Exposed decided to give us awesome Naked pics of Russell Tovey so we dug up some of our own, also. Tovey can be seen on the show Being Human.

Nude Russell Tovey @ Actors Exposed

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Nude

Andrew Lincoln gets caught in this scene with a Full Frontal Nude shot. Lincoln had become popular in the show The Walking Dead. He is definitely a reason to tune in! See more of Lincoln nude at Actors Exposed.

Nude Andrew Lincoln @ Actors Exposed

Naked Adam Harrington in Out of Order

We depend on Naked Actors to turn us on to the hottest Male Stars Naked and then we scour the net for more. We got Adam Harrington Nude here and there! What a fantastic ass!

Naked Adam Harrington @ Naked Actors

Mitch Morris’ Incredibly Hot Male Sex Scene

A Twink doing an incredibly hot sex scene is practically blowing my mind..err… Naked Mitch Morris does this scene from the film Another Gay Movie. Come check out more, including his major bulge at Actors Exposed!

Nude Mitch Morris @ Actors Exposed 

Naked William Fichtner From Prison Break

William Fichtner has an unbelievably beautiful ass. One to check out time and time again. This shot is from the show Prison Break. Another great show that went off the air. Catching reruns is definitely recommended! See more of Fichtner’s fantastic body at Naked Actors!

Nude William Fichtner @ Naked Actors

Twink, PJ Brennan Almost Naked!

PJ Brennan teases us with this almost nude picture. However, at Naked Actors we get the full picture of his fantastic ass! If you are lucky enough to have British TV you can check Brennan out on the Hollyoaks.

Naked PJ Brennan @ Naked Actors

Julian Sands’ Bare Naked Ass

Julian Sands has a rich creamy ass that we are imagining compliments his beautiful long dick! This screen cap comes from the film Husbands & Lovers. See more of him at Naked Actors

Nude Julian Sands @ Naked Actors

Rafe Spall’s Beautiful Ass

Naked Rafe Spall... how I wish that I was under that superb body! It is from the movie The Chatterly Affair. Men of Movies is sharing a full frontal naked shot of him. Even better! They are getting us ready for the new movie Prometheus which is coming soon.

Nude Rafe Spall @ Men of Movies

Sean Harris Naked in The Borgias

Nude Sean Harris has that long and lean looks that is a total turn on. Getting him naked is any fan’s dreams! This scene is from the show The Borgias. If you want a full frontal naked view, check out Actors Exposed this week!

Nude Sean Harris  @ Actors Exposed

Twink Paul Bettany Naked

I love Twinks – their smooth young skin. Their young faces! Paul Bettany definitely fits the category for me. yum. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing him on the big screen until 2013 in the film Blood. See more of Bettany at Naked Actors.

Nude Paul Bettany @ Naked Actors

Nude Dylan Jordan in Pricilla the Pole Dancer

Wow… Dylan Jordan in this hot sex scene from the film Pricilla the Pole Dancer. You can see how unbelievably hung he is at Actors Exposed!

Nude Dylan Jordan @ Actors Exposed

Naked John McLaren in I Racconti Di Canterbury

Nude John McLaren has one of the most sensational cocks around. Just what we like to see – full frontal naked shots. Check out more at Actors Exposed.

Twink Cameron Monaghan Nude

We are featuring Twinks today and you gotta love Naked Cameron Monaghan. Monaghan appeared on Shameless alongside of Harry Hamlin. See more of both of them Nude at Naked Actors.

Nude Cameron Monaghan @ Naked Actors

Nude and Sexy William Fichtner

Naked William Fichtner is baring his tight, tight ass on Actors Exposed this week. Fichtner has played great roles during his career and we are hoping to see more of him in the near future, Nude.

Nude William Fichtner @ Actors Exposed

Sean William Scott to be in American Reunion

Naked Sean William Scott is on Men of Movies this week. Scott is ramping up for the new film American Reunion. It should be a  goofy, space out film that will make you laugh.

Nude Sean William Scott @ Men of Movies