Stephen Lang Featured Nude on Naked Actors


Stephen Lang Featured Nude on Naked Actors

How sexy is this shirtless vintage pic of Stephen Lang? Want to see some ass? Check him out at Naked Actors. They got a shot of his ass and a great sex scene too!

Stephen is one of those actors that pops up everywhere. He will be a guest star on a show and then in a movie the following week. Watch for him starring in the new film Pioneer, December 5, 2014.

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Stephen Lang Featured Nude on Naked Actors

Vintage Male Celebrity Aaron Kincaid Shirtless

Unfortunately Vintage Male Actor Aaron Kincaid died in 2011. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate this  super sexy shirtless celeb! To see more of Kincaid check out Vintage Male Celebs!

Shirtless Aaron Kincaid @ Vintage Male Celebs

Naked Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man

Nude Dustin Hoffman is on Naked Actors this week. They are featuring him just in time for his new starring role in the new HBO series Luck. He will be on the show with Nick Nolte. If you have HBO, tune in!

Naked Dustin Hoffman @ Naked Actors