Jonathan Patrick Moore from L.A. Complex Gets Shirtless

Jonathan Patrick Moore is in the Canadian show L.A. Complex and they had his take his shirt off in a recent show. We are loving it and wish that we could tune in America. You can see more of Moore at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Jonathan Patrick Moore @ Actors Exposed

One Reason to Tune in to Day-Time TV: Rhasaan Orange

Rhasaan Orange shares a kiss on the day-time soap Days of Our Lives, baring his Shirtless chest. Makes wanting to tune in to the ones that are left. See more of Orange at Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Rhasaan Orange @ Male Celebs Exposed

Justin Long Showing Off His Ass

What a sweet, sweet ass Justin Long has! And the position he has put himself in! Naked Actors definitely has more than this so check it out! Also see him in the new film For a Good Time, Call… See him Nude at Naked Actors.

Justin Long @ Naked Actors

Demetrius Hopkins Kicking Ass While Showing Off His Beautiful Body

Demetrius Hopkins (on then left) has a great body and we love finding pictures of him Shirtless. More pictures of him can be seen at Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Demetrius Hopkins @ Black Celebs Exposed

Andy Roddick is One Fine Looking Tennis Player

 Andy Roddick is a tennis player who loves to take his Shirt off. When we saw that Actors Exposed posted a great new picture of him we followed suit. Roddick is a great player and keeps tennis interesting when he bares his smooth chest.

See Andy Roddick Nude Here!

Zane Holtz Modeling His Shirtless Body

I think we all would agree that Zane Holtz is incredibly handsome and has a fantastic body. We are just left wondering about his zinger of a package! Holtz began his career in front of the camera as a Male Model. He then moved on to acting. Catch him in Make it or Break it and also the new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. For more pictures go to Actors Exposed!

Shirtless Zane Holtz @ Actors Exposed

Watch for Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Possession

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has just enough hair on his chest to qualify in the hairy chest club. I have noticed that most actors are currently bare so this is a special treat! If you like Morgan, check him out in the show Magic City and the new film The Possession. Also see his bare naked ass at Male Celeb Scandals!

Nude Jeffrey Dean Morgan @ Male Celeb Scandals

Shirtless Guy Pearce in New Film Lawless

Although the picture is blurry, we still get to see Shirtless Guy Pearce in a great swimsuit picture. I’d love to see him totally nude, bet you would love to too! Check Pearce out in the new film Lawless! Also see more of him at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Guy Pearce @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Zane Holtz to be in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I sure need a cold shower after seeing Shirtless Zane Holtz in a great position! Holtz is a male model as well as an actor. He is in the new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It will definitely encourage me to go check the movie out! See him bulging in his underwear at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Zane Holtz @ Actors Exposed

Merry Christmas Jake Gyllenhaal!

What a teaser this picture is! Jake Gyllenhaal bares his ass and almost gives us a Christmas wish. I am going to watch for more of him and see if we can get the full deal. To get more ass go to Naked Actors! Also watch for Gyllenhaal in the new film End of Watch.

Naked Jake Gyllenhaal @ Naked Actors

Aaron Paul: One of Hollywood’s Super Twinks

 Aaron Paul is one of the hot Twinks around Hollywood today. If you like this look, you will definitely put him on your check out list. You can see more at Actors Exposed. Also, go check out the film Smashed. Hopefully he will be seen on screen a lot.

Shirtless Aaron Paul @ Actors Exposed

Naked Jérémie Renier in The Distance

We were introduced to Nude Jérémie Renier at Actors Exposed. He has a fantastic cock that is incredibly hung!

Naked Jérémie Renier @ Actors Exposed


Michael Clark Duncan Has a Heart Attack and Died

Black Celebs Exposed posted a fantastic picture of Michael Clark Duncan this week. Perfect timing to celebrate his life and career. Even though he wasn’t a super star we enjoyed him in everything he did.

Shirtless Michael Clark Duncan @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Black Male Model Pikasso

Shirtless Pikasso’s body is truly a work of art! One that should be hung above my bed for sure. Pikasso is still working on building a career for himself and we are going to make sure that Black Celebs Exposed keeps us up to date with the best of the best pics of Pikasso.

Shirtless Pikasso @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Taylor Kitsch in John Carter

Shirtless Taylor Kitsch has a body, especially his abs, of pure perfection. His face is unbelievably sexy also. Kitsch is best known for his role as Tim Riggins in the show Friday Night Lights. See more of him at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Taylor Kitsch @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless French Actor Roschdy Zem

Shirtless Roschdy Zem has those sexy eyes that can draw anyone in to bed with him. I’ll bet it would be worth it too! Zem has kept busy during his career as an actor, best known for the film Days of Glory. We will watch for him in upcoming films and keep you informed. Until then, check out more Shirtless pics of Zem at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Roschdy Zem @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Justin Long Caught Shirtless

Shirtless Justin Long is definitely what we call a Twink in our books. He is delicious! Long is in the new film For a Good Time, Call…. so we are excited to see more of him! See him in the shower at Male Celeb Scandals!

Shirtless Justin Long @ Male Celeb Scandals

Diego Martin’s Superb Ass

Nude Diego Martin has one fantastic ass. We would love it if we could see his front side too but you can find a peak at Actors Exposed. Martin is in the new film [REC]3 Genesis so we will have an opportunity very soon to see him on the big screen!

Naked Diego Martin @ Actors Exposed

Naked Jeff Hephner on Boss

Naked Jeff Hephner keeps me happy in my pants when I see his fantastic ass. Hephner is now on the new show Boss so I will definitely tune in to check him out. Hopefully the show is good also! See more of Hephner, including a ball sack shot, at Actors Exposed!

Naked Jeff Hephner @ Actors Exposed

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