Henry Thomas is the Twink Known From E.T.

Henry Thomas is the guy that played Elliott in the film E.T. It is unbelievable that film was released in 1982. Well, it is being brought back! E.T. is being re-released and I am hoping that it will come to us as it is an unlimited release at this time. See more of Twink, Henry Thomas at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Henry Thomas @ Actors Exposed

Raymond Cruz Is One of the Hotties of the show Major Crimes

Raymond Cruz gets my blood pumping and gives me a smile on my face. I don’t find latino actors shirtless very often so this is a treat!  Cruz has been on the show The Closer which ended this season and turned in to a spin-off, Major Crimes. See more at Actors Exposed!

Shirtless Raymond Cruz @ Actors Exposed


Christopher Wiehl is Incredibly Hot in this Shirtless Pic

Keeping bars between me and Christopher Wiehl just wouldn’t be fair. I would definitely break him out! Wiehl has done a ton of TV work and just landed a role on the show Switched at Birth. Definitely a reason to tune in and check the show out. We will watch for shirtless pics of him. Actors Exposed has a few more!

Shirtless Christopher Wiehl @ Actors Exposed

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless and Scruffy

A scruffy Twink… Well that is exactly how I would describe Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this great picture of him in his tightie whities! Levitt has been around since the late 80s providing us with some great stuff! See his Twink ass at Naked Actors!

Nude Joseph Gordon-Levitt @ Naked Actors

Cam Newton Returns to the Field

Cam Newton is returning to the field with the Chargers when the upcoming 2012-13 football season begins. We are ready for some action. Maybe someone will click more pics during training! To see Newton’s massive bulge go to Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Cam Newton @ Black Celebs Exposed