Shirtless Jeff Cartwright from Alphas

A hairy Twink?! I think so and he is pretty damn hot! Shirtless Jeff Cartwright appeared in an episode of Alphas. I have never tuned in but this gives me reason to! See more at Men of TV.

Shirtless Jeff Cartwright  @ Men of TV

Naked Prince Harry

What a bloody treat to see Prince Harry get Naked. The pics were caught at a crazy party that Harry was at. I’ll bet he got spanked when he got home! See more of your favorite nude male celebs at Actors Exposed!


Shirtless Joey Ansah

If you like this Shirtless picture of Joey Ansah you can check out more at Black Celebs Exposed. We are hoping that Ansah gets some screen time either on the big or small screen, soon!

Shirtless Joey Ansah @ Black Celebs Exposed

James Marsden Shirtless and Wet

Shirtless James Marsden is perfect for the science fiction action roles that he plays in the movies and on TV. His hairy and wet chest leaves me tingling down under. His most current animated show is Transformers: Rescue Bots. See more of Marsden at Male Celeb Scandals.

Shirtless James Marsden @ Male Celeb Scandals

Naked Zach Cregger from Whitest Kids U’ Know

Shirtless Zach Cregger has one fantastic ass. Let me go get a tissue. Cregger is currently in the show Whitest Kids U’ Know so if you love the ass, come check out the face! Also see more nudity at Actors

Shirtless Zach Cregger @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Guy Pearce Sexy in Speedos

Shirtless Guy Pearce looks hot in speedos. Lots of men can’t pull that off. He is among the ones that can. Naked Actors shows his bare ass. His most current film was Lawless.

Nude Guy Pearce @ Naked Actors

Shirtless Justin Kirk in Animal Practice

Shirtless Justin Kirk is jumping from one hot show to what looks like another one. Kirk is doing the finishing touches on the fantastic show Weeds as the series comes to an end and moving right in to the new show Animal Practice. We can’t wait to check him out on the new show.  See more of Kirk in his tightie whities at Men of TV.

Shirtless Justin Kirk @ Men of TV

Shirtless and Hairy Jeff Hephner in Boss

We aren’t seeing that many hairy chests around Hollywood lately. Seems the current look is smooth as a baby’s butt. Shirtless Jeff Hephner shows of the hair on his chest proudly. You can catch Hephner on the show Boss and also so a sweet bulge on him at Men of TV.

Shirtless Jeff Hephner @ Men of TV

Shirtless and Smooth James Cade from Blue Mountain State

Shirtless James Cade is pretty hot with his smooth chest and arm tats. You can catch Cade on the show Blue Mountain State. Also check out his fantastic ass at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless James Cade @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless James Wolk in Political Animals

Shirtless James Wolk goes shirtless on TV once again. We look forward to him taking off his shirt and a scene like this is especially awesome. Who wouldn’t like to share this position?! This scene is from the new show Political Animals as Douglas Hammond. Check out Men of TV for him and tons of other Shirtless Male Stars!

Shirtless James Wolk @ Men of TV

Black Male Athlete Kerron Clement Shirtless

Check out the massive Bulge on Shirtless Kerron Clement. He is one fine athlete. I could keep up with him if given the chance! See more of Clement at Black Celebs Exposed!

Shirtless Kerron Clement @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Sebastian Stan to be in The Apparition

Sebastian Stan shows up all over the place Shirtless. Yeah for us! We get to drool over him in the upcoming film The Apparition. More Stan time is all we ask for! See more at Male Celeb Scandals!

Shirtless Sebastian Stan @ Male Celeb Scandals

Shirtless Terrence J to be in Sparkle

ShirtlessTerrence J is one fine Twink. Twinks can really get you going! Check Terrence J out in the new film Sparkle. Although he isn’t playing a large part, we still get to see him on the big screen. Also, check out more great pics at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Terrence J @ Actors Exposed

Matt Bomer in Magic Mike

Shirtless Matt Bomer along with other hot hunks, is in the new film Magic Mike. There is quite a buzz going around because of all the skin that is shown in the film. As we all know, Bomer is also the star of the show White Collar. To see Bomer in uniform go to Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Matt Bomer @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Twink Luke Pasqualino

Shirtless Luke Pasqualino is one hot Twink! Pasqualino is in the new film The Apparition and we can’t wait to see him on that big screen! Check Actors Exposed out for more pics of Pasqualino.

Shirtless Luke Pasqualino @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Philip Winchester in Strike Back

Shirtless Philip Winchester has the perfect body to show off in he tight, tight, briefs. Yum. You can catch Winchester at Men of TV as he gets ready to resume his role in Strike Back.

Shirtless Philip Winchester @ Men of TV

Shirtless Dylan McDermott to be in The Campaign

Shirtless Dylan McDermott shows off his great body in many scenes from the films he does. Watch for him in the new movie The Campaign and also see his naked, firm ass at Male Celeb Scandals.

Naked Dylan McDermott @ Male Celeb Scandals