Twink Joe Dempsie Shirtless

Shirtless Twink Joe Dempsie has a trim body that many of us love. Smooth and sexy. He also looks superb in those tight undies! Check Dempsie out on the show Game of Thrones. And see more of his underwear shots on Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Joe Dempsie @ Actors Exposed

Sizzlin’ Hot Jared Padalecki

Shirtless Jared Padalecki is one of the hottest Male Celebrity Stars on TV today. I mean, wow… check his oh so fine body out! Padalecki can currently be seen on the show Supernatural. He is also known for his role in Gossip Girls. See his most current picture hanging out on the beach on Actors Exposed.

Shirtless J. B. Smoove from Bent

Shirtless J. B. Smoove is a laugh a minute in the show Bent. It is awesome to see a sexy funny man all wrapped in the same package. See more of your favorite black male celebs at Actors Exposed.


Shirtless Model Noah Mills

Holy cow! Actors Exposed was right on by giving us a picture of Noah Mills. We go so motivated that we scoured the internet and found this unbelievable picture of Mills showing his pubes and bulge!

Shirtless Noah Mills @ Actors Exposed

Edward Norton to be in Moonrise Kingdom

Men of Movies brought us a fantastic Nude shot of Edward Norton. He has no problems strutting his stuff and we benefit from it! Watch for Norton in the new film Moonrise Kingdom.

Nude Edward Norton @ Men of Movies

B. J. Novak is in the new film The Dictators

Shirtless B. J. Novak is in the new film The Dictators so we get to see him outside his role in The Office. He is totally worth going to see the film. Hopefully he will have a lot of scenes for us to check out. Check out more of Novak at Actors Exposed.

Shirtess B. J. Novak @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Wilson Bethel in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Wilson Bethel must work on his body because it is perfect! See the picture from a recent scene on Hart of Dixie, on Men of TV, makes me very interested in the show!

Shirtless Wilson Bethel @ Men of TV

Chocolate Skinned Peter Mensah Shirtless

Shirtless Peter Mensah is on Black Celebs Exposed this week, seemingly to entice us in to watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. It’s a violet show but they show a ton of skin on it.

Shirtless Peter Mensah @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless James Lesure to be in Men at Work

Shirtless James Lesure looks awesome in this casual pictures with friends. Wouldn’t you like to see him naked? I would! Watch for Lesure in the new show Men at Work. See more of him and you other favorite Male TV Stars and Men of TV.

Shirtless James Lesure @ Men of TV

Incredibly hot scene of Naked Steve Callahan

Naked Steve Callahan does a sizzling hot scene in the film Role Play. He certainly has no problem showing off his abs, face and ass. Come see his full on ass at Actors Exposed.

Black Male Body Builder Jorlan Nascimento

Can any Black Male Athlete be any finer than Shirtless Jorlan Nascimento? I think not! I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this fine specimen on Black Celebs Exposed. Come see more!

Shirtless Dillon Casey on Nikita

We love when we see scenes of two men in bed together. Shirtless Dillon Casey gives us that. He is the hunk that plays Sean Pearce on the show Nikita. You can see more of him at Men of TV. Casey was also in the recent film The Vow.

Shirtless Dillon Casey @ Men of TV

Unbelievably Hot and Shirtless Ron Artest

Since I am not truly a sports fan but I know a lot of you are, I grabbed at the chance to post great pics of Shirtless Ron Artest taking the idea from Actors Exposed. This site is so hot that you will not be able to take your eyes off the incredible Male Celebs.

Jesse McCartney to be in Chernobyl Diaries

Shirtless Jesse McCartney is on the new hot site Men of Movies. You can see him shirtless as well as your favorite nude and shirtless male stars in the newest movies. Come check it out – great site.

Shirtless Jesse McCartney @ Men of Movies

Meet the Browns’ Lamman Rucker Shirtless

Imagine your world with Shirtless Lamman Rucker in it! Rucker has been around the scene appearing in a lot of TV. He is currently on the show Meet the Browns as Dr. Will Brown. He will also be in the upcoming film The Under Shepherd. See more of Lamman Rucker at Black Celebs Exposed.


Shirtless and Hot Rodrigo Santoro

Shirtless Rodrigo Santoro does a great sex scene which must have been hard due to the fact that he is an openly gay actor. I guess he is up there with Matt Bomer – the ladies lovin’ them. See him with his beau at Men of Movies. Also watch for him in the new film What to Expect when Expecting.

Shirtless Rodrigo Santoro @ Men of Movies

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