Rafe Spall’s Beautiful Ass

Naked Rafe Spall... how I wish that I was under that superb body! It is from the movie The Chatterly Affair. Men of Movies is sharing a full frontal naked shot of him. Even better! They are getting us ready for the new movie Prometheus which is coming soon.

Nude Rafe Spall @ Men of Movies

Shirtless Idris Elba to be in Prometheus

Shirtless Idris Elba is one of our favorite, sizzlin’ hot black male actors. Elba has done a lot of work on both film and TV. Watch for him in the new film Prometheus. Also see more sexy, shirtless pics of Elba at Men of Movies!

Shirtless Idris Elba  @ Men of Movies

Josh Brolin to be in Men in Black III

Shirtless Josh Brolin is long and lean and makes me dream of all kinds of sweet stuff! Brolin is going to be in two new movies this summer, Men in Black III and Gangster Squad. See more hot pics at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Josh Brolin @ Actors Exposed

Sean Harris Naked in The Borgias

Nude Sean Harris has that long and lean looks that is a total turn on. Getting him naked is any fan’s dreams! This scene is from the show The Borgias. If you want a full frontal naked view, check out Actors Exposed this week!

Nude Sean Harris  @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Sean Maher from The Playboy Club

Shirtless Sean Maher is looking oh so fine as always. Maher is gracing the small screen  on the TV series The Playboy Club. It had its first run in 2011 and is unknown as to when season 2 will begin. For more Maher pics go to Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Sean Maher @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless’ Teen Wolf Tyler Hoechlin

Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin has one of the sweetest ripped bodies around Hollywood. If you like the show Teen Wolf, you get to see a lot of him. If not, we will just have to wait until he gets a role in a new film. See more of him at Actors Exposed.

Naked Craig Parker in Spartacus

Craig Parker is definitely one of the most hung men on TV today. This full frontal naked picture shows that he is proud to strut his stuff. See more of Parker in a sizzlin’ hot sex scene at Naked Actors If you tune in to Spartacus you will be able to see more!

Naked Craig Parker @ Naked Actors

Justin Bartha to be in Dark Horse

Shirtless Justin Bartha gives sexy a new meaning. Catching him Nude would be incredible but we will take what we can get! Bartha is going to be in the new film Dark Horse and is being featured on Men of Movies this week.

Shirtless Justin Bartha @ Men of Movies

Shirtless Black Male Model Stanley Wittemberg

Wow… Talking about perfection! Shirtless and Bulging Stanley Wittemberg is a black male model who we hope will become more and more popular. We will take all the pictures we can get of this Adonis.  See more at Black Celebs Exposed right now!

Shirtless Stanley Wittemberg @ Black Celebs Exposed

Twink Joe Dempsie Shirtless

Shirtless Twink Joe Dempsie has a trim body that many of us love. Smooth and sexy. He also looks superb in those tight undies! Check Dempsie out on the show Game of Thrones. And see more of his underwear shots on Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Joe Dempsie @ Actors Exposed

Sizzlin’ Hot Jared Padalecki

Shirtless Jared Padalecki is one of the hottest Male Celebrity Stars on TV today. I mean, wow… check his oh so fine body out! Padalecki can currently be seen on the show Supernatural. He is also known for his role in Gossip Girls. See his most current picture hanging out on the beach on Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Joe Dempsie from Game of Thrones

Shirtless Joe Dempsie give sexy a new meaning. If you tune in to the show Game of Thrones you get to see him regularly. See a much younger Dempsie’s fantastic bare ass at Actors Exposed.

Naked Joe Dempsie @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless J. B. Smoove from Bent

Shirtless J. B. Smoove is a laugh a minute in the show Bent. It is awesome to see a sexy funny man all wrapped in the same package. See more of your favorite black male celebs at Actors Exposed.


Shirtless Model Noah Mills

Holy cow! Actors Exposed was right on by giving us a picture of Noah Mills. We go so motivated that we scoured the internet and found this unbelievable picture of Mills showing his pubes and bulge!

Shirtless Noah Mills @ Actors Exposed

Edward Norton to be in Moonrise Kingdom

Men of Movies brought us a fantastic Nude shot of Edward Norton. He has no problems strutting his stuff and we benefit from it! Watch for Norton in the new film Moonrise Kingdom.

Nude Edward Norton @ Men of Movies

B. J. Novak is in the new film The Dictators

Shirtless B. J. Novak is in the new film The Dictators so we get to see him outside his role in The Office. He is totally worth going to see the film. Hopefully he will have a lot of scenes for us to check out. Check out more of Novak at Actors Exposed.

Shirtess B. J. Novak @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Wilson Bethel in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Wilson Bethel must work on his body because it is perfect! See the picture from a recent scene on Hart of Dixie, on Men of TV, makes me very interested in the show!

Shirtless Wilson Bethel @ Men of TV