Soap Hunk Charles Divins Shirtless

Shirtless Charles Divins has a creamy smooth body that I could do unimaginable thing to! Divins is being featured on Actors Exposed as one of the hottest Soap Hunks around.

Shirtless Charles Divins @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Channing Tatum to be in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

We never get tire of Channing Tatum Shirtless or Nude. We are super stoked that he has been in several movies this year. If you go to the movies you may have recently seen him in the new films The Vow and 21 Jump Street. He is currently working on  G.I. Joe: Retaliation. See Tatum Nude at Naked Actors.

Naked Channing Tatum @ Naked Actors

Shirtless and Bulging Lorenzo Lamas

What more can you ask for in a picture? Shirtless, Bulging and Hairy! Lorenzo Lamas has been around the acting scene for many years so it looks like Actors Exposed dipped in to their archives and pulled out a winner!

Shirtless Lorenzo Lamas @ Actors Exposed

Chace Crawford to be in What to Expect When You Are Expecting

Shirtless Chace Crawford gets captured as he hangs out on his balcony while vacationing. What great shots! Men of Movies posted the picture in time to rev us up for the new film What to Expect When You Are Expecting. Watch for it to come out May 18, 2012.

Shirtless Chace Crawford @ Men of Movies

Funny Man Jason Biggs Naked

Nude Jason Biggs should be proud of his fine ass. Biggs is usually keeping us laughing in his quirky movies. Here he keeps us smiling! Check out a Full Frontal Nude shot of Biggs at Actors Exposed.

Naked Jason Biggs @ Actors Exposed 

Alexander Skarsgard to be in Battleship

Shirtless Alexander Skarsgard is definitely my favorite on the show True Blood. He is constantly doing nude scenes in the show, so this picture is just to wet your whistle. Come see him Naked at Men of Movies!

Shirtless Alexander Skarsgard @ Men of Movies

Shirtless and Spicy Raza Jaffrey

Shirtless Raza Jaffrey has a sensational look and it definitely gives you a reason to tune in to the new show Smash. Luckily the show just picked up its second season so we can see tons of him next fall. See more of him right now at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Raza Jaffrey @ Actors Exposed

Twink Paul Bettany Naked

I love Twinks – their smooth young skin. Their young faces! Paul Bettany definitely fits the category for me. yum. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing him on the big screen until 2013 in the film Blood. See more of Bettany at Naked Actors.

Nude Paul Bettany @ Naked Actors

Jonny Lee Miller to be in Dark Shadows

We are bummed that Shirtless Jonny Lee Miller has that dang towel on. We would love to rip it off and hopefully find a well hung package. Miller is best known for the lead role in the show Eli Stone. He will now be appearing in Dark Shadows, coming out in May, 2012. See more of Miller at Men of Movies.

Shirtless Jonny Lee Miller @ Men of Movies

Black Male Model Chaun Thomas Shirtless

Shirtless Chaun Thomas’ ripped abs and gorgeous face puts him up there as one of my favorite up and coming Black Male Models. I first learned about him when I checked out Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Chaun Thomas @ Black Celebs Exposed

Shirtless Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels

Shirtless Anson Mount doesn’t have the nicest body in Hollywood but it is absolutely nothing to sneeze at! You can see more at Men of Movies. They are giving us a peek as he will be in the new film Hick.

Shirtless Anson Mount @ Men of Movies

Gael Garcia Bernal’s Fantastic Ass

Naked Gael Garcia Bernal is on Actors Exposed this week. What a perfect ass he has. Go to MCB to see Bernal’s full frontal Nude shot!

Nude Gael Garcia Bernal @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Jesse Metcalfe to be in Dallas

Shirtless Jesse Metcalfe has just enough hair on his chest to peek our interest. It isn’t a full on hairy chest like some of us like, but the rest of his body and face make up for it. Male Celeb Scandals shared another great picture of Metcalfe as he is gettng ready to start the new show Dallas, as Christopher Ewing.

Shirtless Jesse Metcalfe @ Male Celeb Scandals

Shirtless Bruce Greenwood from The River

If you tune in to the new series, The River, Shirtless Bruce Greenwood gives your belly a little flip each week. Greenwood has played many roles in some great films and that is why Vintage Male Celebs featured him this week.

Shirtless Bruce Greenwood @ Vintage Male Celebs

Shirtless and Hairy David James Elliott

When Men of TV came up with this new picture of David James Elliott Shirtless, we weren’t surprised he was hairy. He is to sexy not to have a patch on his chest!  David James Elliott is currently on the seriously quirky GCB. We aren’t sure if the show will be picked up next season but we enjoyed it this year!

Shirtless David James Elliott @ Men of TV

Shirtless Robert Maschio in Skin Tight Speedos

Robert Maschio is wrapped up in a towel and still sporting an awesome bulge. He seems to be happy with his package, as he strips down to show it off regularly. See him bulging in speedos at Actors Exposed.

Bulging Robert Maschio @ Actors Exposed

Bow Wow Again and Again

We will never get enough of Shirtless Bow Wow. That is why we were thrilled to see that Black Celebs Exposed posted yet another awesome picture of him on stage. Enjoy… we are.

Shirtless Bow Wow @ Black Celebs Exposed