Oliver Jackson-Cohen Getting a TV Role

Male Celebs Blog introduced us to a naked Oliver Jackson-Cohen this week. We are excited to get a view of his ass as he is getting ready to co-star in the new show Mr. Selfridge. This pic of Cohen is just a tease – a real tease if you love the hairy chests!

Nude Oliver Jackson-Cohen @ Male Celebs Blog

Black Male Model Anthony Gallo Showing Pubes

Pubes! It is the second best thing. First of course is a full frontal shot! I don’t know where Black Celebs Exposed comes up with these guys but we will follow right along so that you get more pics of the celebs. This is Anthony Gallo. A half naked black male model.

Shirtless Anthony Gallo @ Black Celebs Blog

Robin Dunne and His Great Abs

If he would have just grabbed his shorts we would have at least seen a pub shot! Robin Dunne is super cute and he has made his way around Hollywood in a rather unique way. He just keeps doing straight to DVD movies so people haven’t been able to get a look at this hot piece of meat. Well, we are trying to bring attention to him! So is Actors Exposed where you can see him bulging just a touch.

Shirtless Robin Dunne @ Actors Exposed

Sexy Christian Ragin

I love pictures that show a small peak of pubs and leaving the rest to my imagination. Especially with the additional underwear look. Christian Ragin does it to me and that is why I am hoping he becomes more and more successful in his modeling career. See more of him at Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Christian Ragin @ Black Celebs Exposed