Shirtless Cutie Xavier Samuel

What a shot of Xavier Samuel. I am jealous that he gets to hold his hand. I would love to be in that position! Sanmuels is part of the cast of the Twilight movies. We love them here at MCBS. See some more at Actors Exposed!

Shirtless Xavier Samuel @ Actors Exposed

Taylor Handley Shirtless in Vegas

Taylor Handley is one of the hotties on the new show Vegas. I haven’t tuned in and am not sure if the season is ending. If so, I will catch up and watch next season. Waiting and watching for more great shirtless pictures of Handley. For now check out more at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Taylor Handley @ Actors Exposed

Conrad Pla Makes a Guest Appearance on XIII

Conrad Pla appears to have abs of steel and looking at him in bed does something to me down there! Pla seems to have only been able to jump around from show to show making guest appearances. It’s a shame because he is so fine! One of these days a show will stick. I just know it! He recently appeared in XIII. Also check out more at Men of TV.

Rafe Spall Naked in The Chatterly Affair

Rafe Spall bares his ass in the film The Chatterly Affair. What a great position. I love a man who takes charge. You can see more of him at Naked Actors and also watch for him in the new film Life of Pi.

Nude Rafe Spall @ Naked Actors

Male Soap Hunk Dax Griffin Shirtless

Bare chested Dax Griffin is one of the reasons that soaps lasted as long as they did. He is so very similar to our other favorite Male Celebrity Soap Hunks! Griffin is moving in to night time TV with a couple of appearances in One Tree Hill. Hopefully we will get to see more! See more now at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Dax Griffin @ Actors Exposed

Soap Hunk Bryan Dattilo Shirtless

Bryan Dattilo has a fantastic chest and wow as far as his face goes! Dattilo is a former soap hunk who has not really made his mark in Hollywood. We will keep our fingers crossed and report in to you if we find more. Actors Exposed has a couple more that are super also.

Shirtless Bryan Dattilo @ Actors Exposed

Beefy Arnold Schwarzenegger Shirtless

Back in the day Arnold Schwarzenegger was one hot potato. He became known for his big boy rough and ready fighters. Schwarzenegger is a former Mr. Universe weight lifter. He continues to keep his body in great shape. His latest film is The Last Stand which got pretty good reviews. See Schwarzenegger nude at Naked Actors.

Nude Arnold Schwarzenegger @ Naked Actors

Michael McMillian Shirtless In Emily Owens, M.D.

If you like soft smooth bodies Michael McMillian is your guy. Totally sexy and hot! McMillian got shirtless in the new show Emily Owens, MD recently. Unfortunately the show has been canceled so they better get a few more scenes in there for us to see his great body. See more at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Michael McMillian @ Actors Exposed

Eric Bana Naked in Troy

Eric Bana has a super ass and we always love to see him bare it on screen. Bana is a great actor and we we loved him in his most current film, Deadfall. He has several more in the works. Nudity? I sure hope so. See more of Bana’s fantastic ass at Naked Actors.

Nude Eric Bana @ Naked Actors

The Mob Doctors James Carpinello Shirtless

James Carpinello is sexy hot and I actually haven’t tuned in to the show The Mob Doctor to check him out. I will after seeing this shirtless picture! Not only is Carpinello an actor he is also a member of the band Rock of Ages. See him on stage at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless James Carpinello @ Actors Exposed

Black Male Athlete, Archie Thompson, Shirtless

Archie Thompson makes me want to move to Australia or at least get his games aired on TV. Thompson is an Australian football player as well as a published author. Read about and see more of him shirtless at Black Celebs Exposed.

Shirtless Archie Thompson @ Black Celebs Exposed