Dan Gauthier’s Bare Naked Ass

Dan Gauthier has a fantastic ass that is definitely one to grab on to and giddy-up. This scene is shot from Illegal in Blue. Definitely one to put on Netflix que! See more of Gauthier at Actors Exposed.

Naked Dan Gauthier @ Actors Exposed

Johnny Whitworth Bulging at the Seams

Johnny Whitworth is unbelievably hot and check out his incredible bulge. Whitworth has been acting since the early 2000s and hasn’t really grasped the attention he deserves – he deserves a lot of it. To see Whitworth’s smooth ass go to Actors Exposed.

Charlie Cox’s Bare Ass

Charlie Cox has one hell of a tight ass. It leaves me wondering what is on the other side. Well, maybe in his next movie he will show us – or at least more of his ass. Check more out at Naked Actors also. If you are like me, you can’t get enough Cox.

Nude Charlie Cox @ Naked Actors

Black Male Model Anthony Gallo Showing Pubes

Pubes! It is the second best thing. First of course is a full frontal shot! I don’t know where Black Celebs Exposed comes up with these guys but we will follow right along so that you get more pics of the celebs. This is Anthony Gallo. A half naked black male model.

Shirtless Anthony Gallo @ Black Celebs Exposed

Robin Dunne and His Great Abs

If he would have just grabbed his shorts we would have at least seen a pub shot! Robin Dunne is super cute and he has made his way around Hollywood in a rather unique way. He just keeps doing straight to DVD movies so people haven’t been able to get a look at this hot piece of meat. Well, we are trying to bring attention to him! So is Actors Exposed where you can see him bulging just a touch.

Shirtless Robin Dunne @ Actors Exposed

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