Ben Rosenfield Posing

Ben Rosenfield lounges in bed with his sexy eyes looking up at someone in the room. I would love it if I were that someone.  He doesn’t take his clothes off but he sure looks hot enough for me to melt away.  Ben’s career is starting to take off and I will watch it all the way.  His first starring role was in 2015 in the film Affluenza.  He also starred in 6 Years in 2016.  Ben’s most current film, Indignation, is coming out in the theaters July 29. 2016.  He is one of Hollywood’s hottest young up and coming actors testtest.

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Shirtless and Hairy David James Elliott

When Men of TV came up with this new picture of David James Elliott Shirtless, we weren’t surprised he was hairy. He is to sexy not to have a patch on his chest!  David James Elliott is currently on the seriously quirky GCB. We aren’t sure if the show will be picked up next season but we enjoyed it this year!

Shirtless David James Elliott @ Men of TV

Naked Craig Parker in Spartacus

Nude Craig Parker comes to us from the show Spartacus: Vengeance. He has a great body from head to toe and if you want to see a full on frontal naked picture of him, go to Actors Exposed.

Naked Danny Huston in Ivanxtc

Naked Danny Huston is on Actors Exposed this week. He is keeping himself extremely busy on screen with movies such as Wrath of the Titans, Boxing DayTwo JackStolen and The Congress all coming up in the near future. Also, catch him in the new series Magic City.

Nude Danny Huston @ Actors Exposed

Nude Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas has  fantastic cock and we love seeing this Full Frontal Naked picture of him. Naked Actors has more, so go check it out!

Nude Antonio Banderas @ Naked Actors

Chris Pine is in This Means War

 Shirtless and Hairy Chris Pine is in the new film This Means War.  Luckily that is not all. We can look for to him being in two more upcoming films: Welcome to People and Rise of the Guardians. See more of  Chris Pine at Actors Exposed.

Shirtless Chris Pine @ Actors Exposed

Nude Dermot Mulroney in Investigating Sex

Naked Dermot Mulroney is on Men of Movies this week. Here he is Nude in the film Investigating Sex and he is going to be in the movie The Grey. There aren’t any rumors of any skin in the movie, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t imagine… based on these hot pictures!

Nude Dermot Mulroney @ Men of Movies

A Day in the Sun for Shirtless Kiefer Sutherland

Shirtless Kiefer Sutherland is on Men of TV getting us ready for his new show Touched. We have heard that it is supposed to be a good show and totally different from 24. Hopefully it will take off and we can once again kick back and see Sutherland on the small screen weekly.

Shirtless Kiefer Sutherland @ Men of TV

Full Frontal Naked Shot of Eamon Brooks

Eamon Brooks gives us a great Full Frontal Nude shot in this scene from Brotherhood. Brooks has a killer body leaving us wanting more! Check him out on Actors Exposed.

Naked Eamon Brooks @ Actors Exposed

Nude Josh Lucas To Be In The Firm

Naked Josh Lucas is on Naked Actors this week. Lucas is joining the cast of The Firm as Mitch McDeere and we are hoping that the writers will put in some sexy Shirtless scenes!

Nude Josh Lucas @ Naked Actors