Shirtless Lance Reddick in Won’t Back Down,

Lance Reddick is a great looking black man and we love it when sites post them for us. Reddick is in the new film Won’t Back Down. Hopefully it is a good film. If not, there is always the scenes with him in them! See him Naked at Male Celeb Scandals.

Shirtless Lance Reddick @ Male Celeb Scandals

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless and Scruffy

A scruffy Twink… Well that is exactly how I would describe Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this great picture of him in his tightie whities! Levitt has been around since the late 80s providing us with some great stuff! See his Twink ass at Naked Actors!

Nude Joseph Gordon-Levitt @ Naked Actors

Shirtless Scott Maslen from EastEnders

Shirtless Scott Maslen looks incredibly hot in a different kind of tightie whities! Maslen is one of Europes hottest actors. You are lucky if you get to see him in the show EastEnders. See him Nude at Naked Actors.

Naked Scott Maslen @ Naked Actors

Shirtless Soap Stud Robert Kelker-Kelly

Shirtless Robert Kelker-Kelly has an incredible bulge and a great muscular build. He is a popular soap hunk that makes us want to stay home, pop our feet up on the coach and settle in. Thanks, Actors Exposed, for this fine specimen of a man.

Shirtless Robert Kelker-Kelly @ Actors Exposed

Hot, Hot, Hot Damian T. Raven Shirtless

Shirtless Damian T. Raven is on Black Celebs Exposed this week. Raven plays Dr. Esteban Cruz on the series Sex Chronicles which gives everyone a reason to tune in to the show!

Shirtless Damian T. Raven @ Black Celebs Exposed

Stephen Colletti from One Tree Hill

Shirtless Stephen Colletti comes from One Tree Hill as Chase Adams and Men of TV is featuring him this week. You’ve got to check him out on the site and see him bulging out of his underwear!

Shirtless Stephen Colletti @ Men of TV

Shirtless Glenn Howerton in this Tightie Whities

Shirtless Glenn Howerton is on Actors Exposed this week. Super shot of his bulge! MCB has another great shot of Howerton in his tightie whities! Come see!

Shirtless Glenn Howerton @ Actors Exposed

Til Schweiger to be in This Means War

Shirtless Til Schweiger is in a great pair of tight underwear and you can see more of him on Men of Movies. Schweiger is going to be in the new film This Means War. Hopefully we will some skin in the new film.

Shirtless Til Schweiger @ Men of Movies

Scott Porter to be in Ten Year

Shirtless Scott Porter is on Men of Movies this week as he is getting ready to be in the new film Ten Year.  If you are a TV fan you may recognize Porter from the new show Hart of Dixie where he plays the role of George Tucker.

Shirtless Scott Porter @ Men of Movies

Black Male Model Dynast Hollis Shirtless

Shirtless Dynast Hollis is sporting an incredible bulge and Black Celebs Exposed posted the picture for us! Hollis is an up and coming Black Male Model. We are hoping to see more and more of him in the near future.

Shirtless and Chocolaty Hugh Quarshie

Shirtless Hugh Quarshie is on Actors Exposed this week. They found this great picture of him as he starts off in the new show White Heat. You may recognize Quarshie from the show Holby City.

Shirtless Hugh Quarshie @ Actors Exposed

Shirtless Anthony Head in Free Agents

Shirtless Anthony Head is covering up with his skimpy speedo and that is a bummer because he has a pretty great body for a 58 year old actor! The scene is taken from the show Free Agents where Head plays the role of Stephen. Men of Movies is announcing him in the new film upcoming film The Iron Lady.

Shirtless Anthony Head @ Men of Movies

Desperate Housewives’ James Denton, Shirtless

Men of TV just got a hold of the pictures of Shirtless James Denton from the recent episode of Desperate Housewives. The show is in its final season and we are hoping that Denton finds a new place to call home. He is hot and a very good actor.

Shirtless James Denton @ Men of TV

Shirtless Sam Jaeger In His Underwear

Men of TV is featuring Shirtless Sam Jaeger from Parenthood. Jaeger is currently working on the film Miss Dial, to be released some time in 2012.

Shirtless Sam Jaeger @ Men of TV