Nude Djimon Hounsou

Actors Exposed is featuring Nude Djimon Hounsou this week. Hounsou has a great black ass and I love these caps.

Nude Djimon Hounsou @ Actors Exposed

Mark Paul Gosselaar Naked!


Nude Mark Paul Gosselaar is on Male Celebs Blog. Goeeslaar is starring on the new show Franklin & Bash. It seems to be a pretty good – hopefully it is one of the new summer shows that will make it.

Mark Paul Gosselaar Shirtless


Shirtless Mark Paul Gosselaar is on Men of TV. Goselaar has done several great TV series including NYPD Blue and Raising the Bar. Hopefully his new show, Franklin & Bash, is also successful.

Shirtless Mark Paul Gosselaar @ Men of TV

Nude Sean Hoaglund


Nude Sean Hoaglund is on Actors Exposed. Hoaglund has a great body and isn’t afraid to show it off!

Naked Sean Hoaglund @ Actors Exposed

Nude Bruce Willis


Nude Bruce Willis is on Naked Actors this week. The film that this clip came from is unknown but it could be from one of a dozen great films that Willis has done over his career.

Nude Bruce Willis @ Naked Actors

Nude Michael Vartan


Nude Michael Vartan is on Actors Exposed and giving us a great Full Frontal Naked shot from the film One Hour Photo.

Naked Michael Vartan @ Actors Exposed

Nude Paul Schulze

Nude Paul Schulze is on Naked Actors this week. If you watch Nurse Jackie you will recognize his ass – even though he hasn’t bared it on the show!

Naked Paul Schulze @ Naked Actors

Nude Joseph Mawle

Nude Joseph Mawle is on Actors Exposed this week. Full Frontal Nude shots don’t always do actors justice but they are still great finds!

Nude Bailey Chase

Nude Bailey Chase is on Actors Exposed. Chase has a great ass and is a really fine actors. This clip is from the film Hotline.

Nude Bailey Chase @ Actors Exposed

Nude Jon Tenney

Nude Jon Tenney shows just a little bit of what he has in this seen from Outer Limits: Bits of Love. You can see him featured on Actors Exposed this week.

Naked Jon Tenney @ Actors Exposed