iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

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Daniel Craig Naked in Flashbacks of a Fool

style=”text-align: center;”>I don’t know about you but to me it looks like Daniel Craig has something very impressive between his legs! We can squint our eyes and really pretend! Craig has no problem taking his clothes off and show his great ass. See more at Naked Actors! Also, watch for him in the upcoming film Skyfall.

Daniel Craig @ Naked Actors

Naked Jérémie Renier in The Distance

We were introduced to Nude Jérémie Renier at Actors Exposed. He has a fantastic cock that is incredibly hung!

Naked Jérémie Renier @ Actors Exposed


Naked Colin Farrell in Tigerland

Colin Farrell is known for taking off his clothes on camera. It sends us racing to any film he stars in. Check out his beautiful bares ass in the film Tigerland. Watch for him in his new film Total Recall.  See him nude at Men of Movies.

Nude Colin Farrell @ Men of Movies

Colin Farrell to be in Total Recall

Naked Colin Farrell gives a great look at his ball sack and it is sweet! Farrell has never had an issue with getting Nude in front of the screen. Remember his old sex tape? Men of Movies is keeping us up on all of the newest films, including Farrell’s new film Total Recall.

Nude Colin Farrell @ Men of Movies

Édgar Ramírez to be in Wrath of Titans

Although this isn’t the best Naked picture of  Édgar Ramírez, it gets the point across of what a fine specimen he is. Men of Movies featured him so that we could all get ready for the movie Wrath of Titans. If that isn’t your type of flick, just watch this film, Carlos, and get an up close and personal!

Nude Édgar Ramírez @ Men of Movies 

Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami

Naked Robert Pattinson is keeping busy making movies. His most current film Bel Ami was recently released an Men of Movies got him Nude for you. Hold on because he is releasing a new Twilight film, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – part 2, soon.

Nude Robert Pattinson @ Men of Movies

Naked Peter Outerbridge in Paris, France

Nude Peter Outerbridge is on Actors Exposed this week. You can catch him in these Full Nude shots in the film Paris, France.