Shirtless Vintage Actor Alain Delon

Shirtless Alain Delon has a beautiful tan that shows off how spectacular his body is. Actors Exposed dug up some more pictures of Delon, including a full frontal nude shot of him! You’ve gotta check them out!

Shirtless Alain Delon @ Actors Exposed

Michael Douglas’ Bare Naked Ass

Naked Michael Douglas is on Naked Actors this week. This picture is from one of Douglas’ first films, Hail, Hero.

Nude Michael Douglas @ Naked Actors

Vintage Picture of Dustin Hoffman Shirtless

Shirtless  Dustin Hoffman is on Men of TV. Get HBO if you like Hoffman because he is starring in the new show Luck. He has had great success with everything he does, why not a TV series too?

Shirtles  Dustin Hoffman @ Men of TV

Timothy Hutton Nude


Naked Timothy Hutton is on Naked Actors. We get to see his Nude Ass just in time to ramp us up for his show Leverage. Watch for the show to begin June 26, 2011.

Nude Timothy Hutton @ Naked Actors